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About Us

Did you ever wonder who was behind those fancy trading platforms? Well, it turns out that it’s probably someone just like you!

Are you down on your luck? If you’re like me, that answer is a resounding yes. I wasn’t sure what to do after I lost my really good job in the City of London. You see, I was a trader by heart, and I knew that I had what it took.

My wife was always supportive of me, but she knew that it was hard. I was nervous and anxious all the time, and that’s no way to live. I was, in a sense, gambling with other people’s money. I was good at what I did, but that hint of doubt was always there. I worried that I would lose my job, and the day finally came when I did.

I made an imperceptible mistake, and it cost me everything…or so I thought.

How Bitcoin Rush Came to Be

Once I was escorted off the property with my eager belongings, I realized I never truly belonged there. I called up my friend and let loose in a huge panicked blob of words. Once he calmed me down, he told me he was waiting for such a moment.

Shocked, I asked how he could be happy that I was jobless with a small child and a loving wife. He told me about a secret he had been working on, and I was instantly intrigued.

An algorithm that could change the way people trade cryptocurrency had been in the works for years, and he never breathed a word.

He’d almost finished it and perfected it when I called, and I knew this was fate or Kismet or whatever else you wanted to call it.

He stayed with my wife and me in the spare bedroom of our flat for a few weeks while we worked it all out. After we tested it, she was the first to tell her mother, who immediately put in $250 to test the system. It worked, and she earned so much money that week, so we put it out there.

Become a Member

Bitcoin Rush was created so that everyone could trade cryptocurrency without spending years analysing the system. The first few members were mostly family and close friends, but the word quickly got out. Now, there are people from all over the world, utilising our platform and making so much money for themselves.

We Are World Leaders

You can find many trading bots on the market with a quick Google search. However, we work differently than most of them because our algorithm analyses data from the past to help you decide how the markets are going to move today.

Plus, we automate the process, which means you can easily set the parameters and let the bot run for you. You don’t need to sit there and watch each trade; get outside and play with the kids, take the dog for a walk, or just spend all of your earnings on excitingly frivolous things.

Our Invitation

Now is your chance to make money like never before. Open your free account and see what the world looks like when it is full of money.