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When you join Bitcoin Rush, you are part of a community of people who like trading Bitcoin CFDs. Many of our members have made significant profits, but the goal is to be consistent and earn money every day while trading in the cryptocurrency market.

It’s designed to be effortless for you. Just take one or two moments in the morning to set up the trading parameters and request automated trades. Our robot does the work for you, giving you more time to enjoy life!

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The Steps to Join

Whenever you feel ready, scroll back to the top of our site. Here, you can input your information, such as the full name, phone number, and email address. Click on the button to register. We send a confirmation email, so be sure to check that everything is correct before sending us the information.

Click on the link within, and you’re taken to the sign-in page. You can create an email from there and have a secure account that’s yours.

Some people, at this stage, want to jump right in. You can add $250 or more to your fund immediately and start trading. However, we welcome you to take some time to learn the system. We include helpful bits of information along the way. Read through them and understand the process.

Fund the account whenever you’re ready, and the trading can begin. Set up the parameters you like. Most beginners leave things the way they are and watch it all work to learn patterns and figure out new strategies with time. Click to automate the trading process. Now, you can stay and watch what happens to understand it or do something else.


How We’re Different

Bitcoin Rush is different from other trading applications out there. It performs with a higher level of accuracy that no other software offers. Members can earn money and trust us to help them do that.

Our software has been thoroughly tested, and we use the latest technology and programming. In fact, it uses an algorithm to assess the data available from the markets. It does this with a lead time of 0.01 seconds. In the trading industry, this time leap offers more consistency on trades and ensures that members win more often than lose.

Our app has won awards for its consistency and ability. This shows that the trading commissions throughout the world have seen and tested the site. They know its capabilities and make us top in the market.


Our members can’t keep quiet about their successes with the Bitcoin Rush app. We encourage joiners to tell others about their stories and refer friends to Bitcoin Rush.

You’re likely skeptical right now and still wonder if you should join. Though $250 isn’t a lot, you may have a limited income currently. We understand this, but that shouldn’t stop you from changing your financial situation. The only way to do that is to join and start using the platform.

When you read what other members have said, it gives you a sense of comfort. If they could do it and chose to take the chance, it might be beneficial for you, too.


It’s tough to know when to take a chance on something. Whether it’s financially or in your personal life, you find yourself holding back and never experiencing things. Of course, your personal situation matters a lot, but the idea of earning money easily and without any skills is always a dream for people. Now, it can be a reality.

We want you to join this community of people who trade crypto online and have little experience doing it. Not only is this going to help your financial situation right now, but it is also going to help you in the long-run.

Being skeptical and wary is always important because there are many scammers out there. We don’t want anyone to click off the site without joining, but we respect any decision you make and aren’t going to hold it against you. If now just doesn’t feel like the time, come back again later. However, before turning away, consider reading these answers. They may help you understand us better. Better yet, email us if you don’t get the answers you seek!


What results are possible on Bitcoin Rush?

Most of our members have never traded before. They’ve got no experience and may not be sure of themselves. However, they stick with it and take the leap to join and fund their accounts. Over a month of trading, they see just what they can do with themselves.

Since many people have used the app for at least a month, they’re seeing larger and larger profits. Results can vary, though, so it’s best to expect small profits, especially in the beginning.

Remember, the market is more volatile at various times. When that happens, you can expect more affluence. When it’s in a slump, which can occur throughout the day, there may not be as many wins. Still, our algorithm scans the markets to find the best options, giving you more chances to earn money on the trades you choose to make.

Please note: We cannot guarantee results for anyone. Our system is designed to work and be accurate, but no one can get every trade perfectly. There is some risk involved. However, statistically speaking, you’ve got a chance of earning some money.


What can I expect to pay?

Our software is proprietary and only works on Bitcoin Rush. Therefore, we don’t charge you anything. Upon sign-up, you get access to the software for free for as long as you use the website.


What are the hours at Bitcoin Rush?

It sounds like it might be complicated since you’re dealing with the crypto market. However, our software does the work for you. Because of the algorithm utilized, it scans the markets, determines the best trades, and can open/close them for you. Of course, you can create the rules it must follow to do this, giving you control.

Though die-hard fans of trading may change the risk level or rules with each trade, you can set it up for that particular day and do other things. Beginners can take about an hour, but you’re going to get this done in less time as you learn more. Therefore, you can do other things in about 20 minutes.


Is using this software like MLMs and affiliate marketing?

No! Propriety software means that it only works with one company. It’s designed that way, so it can’t act like affiliate marketing or an MLM. When you join, you get a copy to use. You’re allowed to make up the rules as you go along and can choose which brokers to use. There are no payments required for licensure, which means that money doesn’t get funneled downward. Plus, you never have to ask someone to give you money. You earn it by trading CFDs online.

With that said, it’s not similar to any of the other options out there. The software uses an algorithm to make winning trades for you. With a high accuracy rating and win-rate, you see more earnings throughout the days and weeks while using it.


What’s my maximum payout going to look like?

Your earning potential is unlimited while using Bitcoin Rush. Some of our members do earn thousands of dollars in just a few months. However, this should not be your expectation when signing up. This isn’t a get-rich-quick ploy. It’s a safe and legitimate way to make real money by trading cryptocurrency online.

The market is highly volatile, so there could be waves of significant earnings followed by some losses. In most cases, it evens itself out so that you can see profits every day.

Those who want to earn more might consider depositing more funds. That way, you can risk more with trade. We always ask you to trade responsibly and not use money that is required elsewhere. It is possible to lose it all, and we don’t want anyone to suffer.


What fees are there?

There aren’t any hidden fees, commissions, or broker costs to pay. The money earned is yours to keep. You may choose to reinvest some of the money or withdraw it. In fact, we recommend to our users that they remove it after each live session. That way, they’ve always got some money coming in while having some to make more trades and earn more!

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We’re extending an invitation to you right now. There aren’t any risks to sign up and give it a try. Just give Bitcoin Rush 30 days and a small initial deposit and change your financial situation for the better!

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